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Commercial Services

Singular Networks provides a complete range of commercial computer, network, and wireless network services to the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area small and medium business community. Please click on any of our following services to learn more:

        - Basic Office Networking
- Computer Repair and Upgrades
- Disaster Recovery and Prevention
- E-Mail Services
- Firewall Services
        - Migration Services
- Printer, Copier, and Fax Services
- Security Services
- VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
- Wireless Networking

We also offer complete peace of mind service plans to help you concentrate on running your business, not worrying about your computer systems.

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Basic Office Networking
Share your office's computer files, printers, and Internet connection with an office network from Singular Networks.

Singular Networks can also expand your existing network, or for the ultimate in convenience, upgrade to Wireless Networking.

Computer Repair and Upgrades
Are your computers in need of repair, or memory or disk space upgrades? Singular Networks can help with our three convenient computer repair and upgrade options:

On-Site Service - Our A+ certified technicians can come to your site and repair or upgrade any PC hardware for a low fixed rate plus parts.

Scheduled Drop-Off Service - Drop off your computer at our conveniently located downtown Miami service center on your way to work, and we'll usually have it ready for you by the next business day.

Pickup and delivery service is also available!

Disaster Recovery and Prevention
Could your business survive if you lost all your computer files, including accounting, payroll, and customer contact information?

Singular Networks can design and implement a complete backup solution for your Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, or Linux systems.

We also offer complete off-site backup and recovery services for maximum security and peace of mind.

E-Mail Services
Are you still using an AOL, Yahoo!, or ISP account for your business e-mail? Give your business a more professional appearance by registering your own private business Internet domain.

Singular Networks' corporate e-mail package includes Internet domain name registration, e-mail accounts creation, and on-site desktop client configuration in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area for a low package price.

If you're looking for more advanced e-mail, calendaring, and collaboration capabilities for your business, we can also design and implement a state-of-the-art Microsoft Exchange or Novell GroupWise system for any size business.

Firewall Services
Singular Networks can design, implement, and manage a complete firewall solution for your business.

Our Cisco and Linux certified technicians specialize in Cisco PIX and Linux ipchains and iptables firewalls.

Migration Services
Are your business computer systems still running Windows 3.1 or Windows NT? Singular Networks' Microsoft certified technicians can upgrade your systems to the new, more reliable, and easier to use Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Our migration service preserves all your existing data, including e-mails and Internet favorites on client systems, and user accounts and printer settings on servers.

Is it time to upgrade your Novell NetWare 3.12 or 4.11 servers? Singular Networks' Novell certified technicians can upgrade your servers to Novell's latest NetWare operating system, NetWare 6.5. Say goodbye to the IPX protocol and the NetWare client forever.

Is your business considering Linux, or have you already started using Linux on a small scale? Singular Networks' Linux certified technicians have years of experience using Linux in large corporate environments. Let us show you what's possible with Linux.

Security Services
Don't put your valuable business data at risk. Protect your business with an up-to-date anti-virus and security policy.

Singular Networks offers a complete range of anti-virus and security services, including corporate security policy creation and review.

We also perform preventative security audits, as well as after-the-fact incident response on Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, and Linux systems.

Service Plans
Are you tired of expensive surprises? Would you like to have a fixed budget for your computer, network, and office equipment maintenance and repair?

Singular Networks' service plans offer complete peace of mind with comprehensive maintenance and repair services for a low fixed price.

Our service plans are designed to prevent problems before they occur by concentrating on preventative maintenance, instead of after-the-fact emergency repairs.

On those occasions when something does go wrong, we keep your business running with our free loaner program.

(VPN) Virtual Private Networks
Would you like to work from home or while traveling? Imagine being able to securely access your company's network, including desktops, servers, and even printers, from home or a hotel room anywhere in the world over a standard Internet connection!

Singular Networks' VPN technology can also connect two or more offices securely and economically over any standard Internet connection, including cable and DSL.

Wireless Networking
Wireless networking, or Wi-Fi, is the new, state of the art technology ideal for small businesses that are on the growth path and plan to move in the near future. This network can easily be moved and re-installed with no additional cabling expense.

A wireless network also gives you the ability to move around your office while still connected to your network and the Internet. Imagine being able to take your laptop to meetings and presentations, all while still connected to the network!

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