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September 25, 2003
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The SNC Client Newsletter is a collection of news, tips, and tricks our clients have found useful.

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Microsoft's Free Office Template Collection
If you're looking for a way to spice up your next Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet, or presentation, be sure to check out Microsoft's free Office template collection at .

The collection contains a large number of professional-quality templates, including calendars, presentations, resumes, and even diplomas to name just a few, for Microsoft's Access, Excel, FrontPage, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, and Word products.

The template collection is organized by category, or you can search the collection by keyword. You can also provide feedback on existing templates or request a new template if they don't have what you're looking for.

Intel's Processor Frequency ID Utility
Intel's Processor Frequency ID Utility, a free download available at , is a useful tool that identifies a computer's CPU model, speed, caches, and a host of other items, depending on the particular CPU's capabilities.

This information is useful when performing inventories, or for verifying the specifications on a computer you're considering buying. Of particular interest when buying a new or used computer is whether the CPU has been overclocked.

The Processor Frequency ID Utility is available for Microsoft Windows, or as a stand-alone bootable floppy, useful for testing machines with no operating system installed, or where installing a new Windows program is not convenient.

Deciphering File Extensions and Associations
If you've amassed a collection of files over the years and you've forgotten what some of them are, or how to open them, try looking up their extensions at , an online listing of "almost every file format in the world!".

The table contains a list of known file extensions and what program, if any, is associated with that file type. For example, a file with a .DBF extension is a dBASE database file, and a file with a .WKS extension is a Lotus 123 spreadsheet file.

Keep in mind, however, that you don't necessarily need the exact program listed in the table to open that particular file. For example, almost all modern database programs can open .DBF files, and almost all modern spreadsheet programs can open .WKS files.

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